Medical Detox Program

Withdrawal Safely with Expert Medical Care

Medical detox or medically supervised detox is the first step to recovery. Patients are closely monitored and provided with medical care, including the use of FDA-approved medications to ease and manage the difficult symptoms of withdrawal safely.

At the Bridge of Montclair, our medical detoxification program is provided in a residential inpatient setting with around-the-clock medical support and care that helps reduce the chance of relapse during a patient’s most vulnerable stage. It decreases the risk of potentially dangerous and life-threatening health complications.

Medical detox treatment
Medical detox program

Our medically assisted detox assures comfort and safety for each resident to begin their personalized addiction plan embraced and empowered to enter the next phase of treatment. We understand detox is a delicate and essential part of the recovery process, and we ensure patients are surrounded with emotional support to set them up for lasting success.


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