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The Bridge of Montclair is dedicated to transforming the lives of those suffering from the disease of addiction by treating substance use and co-occurring disorders with evidence-based therapies and licensed professional clinicians, psychiatrists, and counselors committed to providing the highest standard of care.

Why Recover with The Bridge of Montclair?


Licensed, Comprehensive Inpatient Treatment

The Bridge of Montclair’s residential treatment facility is licensed by California’s Department of Health Care Services. We are committed to providing in-depth, evidence-based addiction treatment that addresses the whole person, not just the disease and its symptoms.


Most Insurance Plans Cover Treatment

We believe in accessible and affordable substance abuse treatment. Your health insurance benefits may cover the cost of your stay with us. You can confidentially verify your coverage with us.


Custom-Tailored Treatment Plans for Every Resident

At the Bridge of Montclair, every resident receives a customized treatment plan tailored to each patient’s specific needs, circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, and goals while identifying their potential triggers to help long-term recovery.


Interdisciplinary, Licensed Addiction Professionals

Our interdisciplinary, licensed, and experienced staff holds various licenses and accreditations, allowing the entire team to collaboratively meet the needs of the patients, including accurate and timely diagnoses, individualized treatment plans, and continuous monitoring and support.


Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Our dual diagnosis program treats substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders concurrently, ensuring we treat your substance use disorder and any co-occurring conditions that may harm your recovery, guaranteeing improved rehabilitation outcomes.


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

In conjunction with counseling and therapy, our medication-assisted treatment program uses FDA-approved medications to reduce cravings, decrease withdrawal symptoms, and ultimately help residents with their chances of long-term sobriety.


Holistic Healing

Our extensive bio-psychosocial assessments with qualified specialists allow highly personalized care to meet every resident’s unique needs, considering each individual’s physical, biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects that often contribute to relapse.


Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy Integration

The Bridge of Montclair integrates 12-step facilitation therapy into treatment, providing patients with an overview of Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-step principles, practices, and life-changing benefits that give residents a layer of support to share their struggles and celebrate successes.


Family Therapy and Support

Family therapy offers the opportunity to rebuild relationships and create a safe space to discuss complex topics, such as the impact of addiction on the family. At the same time, family support provides a great sense of stability and security during treatment for the resident.


Accessible and Lasting Aftercare

The Bridge of Montclair provides every resident with a roadmap for life while offering easily accessible aftercare support, from continuing therapy sessions to alumni meetings that provide a support network for life.

The Bridge of Montclair Difference

The Bridge of Montclair is surrounded by beautiful mountains, beaches, and deserts in Southern California, making it the ideal sanctuary of wellness for a healthy reset toward a new life.

Research-Based Addiction Treatment

BOM’s evidence-based treatments are based on scientific research and evidence that teach skills and techniques proven successful in helping individuals achieve lasting recovery.

Therapy for Co-Occurring Disorders

Our compassionate therapists focus heavily on developing coping mechanisms with patients to manage both their addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders in a healthy and effective manner.

Custom-Tailored Treatment Plans For Each Patient

Individualized treatment plans are collaboratively created with each patient through comprehensive assessments of one’s history, needs, symptoms, goals, and circumstances.

Holistic Care to Treat Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

At BOM, we treat the whole person, addressing all aspects of a patient’s well-being and recognizing that addiction can have far-reaching effects on a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

A bridge and its meaning were chosen as the inspiration for our name due to its long history of connecting ancient civilizations, allowing knowledge, resources, and culture to spread and grow.

Today, bridges are solid, reliable structures that provide a passage over obstacles. Its purpose has remained the same over time, but its foundation has become more solid and powerful.

The Bridge of Montclair aims to provide a strong, resilient foundation for your recovery journey, enabling you to evolve above all obstacles and reconnect with life.


Considering substance abuse treatment for you or a loved one can feel overwhelming. We made a list of our most asked questions to help bring peace of mind and reduce apprehension.

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